We are gathering useful information as quickly as possible and updating this page on a regular basis.  To help us through these crucial times, there are several financial assistance options available including Texas Unemployment, IRS Economic Impact Payments, IRS Payroll Tax Credits, SBA PPP, and SBA EIDL/$10K Grant, etc.

Texas Unemployment

IRS Economic Impact Payments

IRS Payroll Tax Credits

SBA PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Loans:


  1. To be administered by SBA;
  2. Apply thru your bank; we are gearing up for this process;
  3. SBA has 14 days or to 04.10.2020 to write the SOP/Standard Operating Procedures; SBA promised it by next Monday, 04.05.2020;
  4. We believe it will contain an automatic 6 month deferment for payments on existing SBA loans;
  5. Payroll eligibility is still a question; best practice is to prepare payroll info from Jan 2019 thru Feb 2020 by the month; have 941’s ready;
  6. Biggest payroll questions is $100k; will SOP cap it at that or eliminate all personnel over 100K?
  7. Payroll question of what time period?  Jan 2019 thru June 2019? Or last few months leading up to 02.15.2020?
  8. Amount to be forgiven is yet to be determined;
  9. PPP Money availability is finite and will not last long;
  10. Must apply by June 30, 2020, but funds are expected to be gone by then;
  11. Sense of urgency needed; time is of the essence;
  12. Give/provide complete information; do not piecemeal info; this is not the time to assume pages of a tax return, 941, financial or whatever is not needed, or if it is they will ask me for it;
  13. If information is incomplete, you might go to the bottom of the pile if its set aside;
  14. Time is of the essence; make the story of your need easy to tell; information is your friend; complete information is key.
Documents to gather:
  • Date the business started
  • Business’s mailing address
  • If filed, the 2019 Federal Tax Return. If not, please have complete 2019 financials, including the business’s profit/loss and balance sheet
  • IRS Form 941 —Employer’s Quarterly Federal Income Tax Return for all four quarters for 2019
  • The number of employees paid more than $100,000 per year
  • Calculation of the total payroll for employees paid during the applicable base period, excluding amounts paid above a prorated annual salary of $100,000
  • Other documents that may be required, if not currently on file with Frost include:
    • Entity documents
    • Certificate of good standing
    • Copy of Borrowing Authority — IRS letter assigning employer identification number, Certificate of Incorporation filed with the state, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (or Operating Agreement if LLC), Partnership Agreement and Assumed Name Certificate filed with the state, if applicable

SBA EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) and $10K Grant:



  1. Apply direct with SBA;
  2. Double dipping is not allowed;
  3. Be careful of what you apply for here; figure out how you can get the most help; funds thru here may disqualify for you to get monies for same thru PPP;
  4. If you have already applied, please send TCB a copy of your application and info provided;
  5. SBA is writing SPO for PPP and no definitive answers will be available until then;
  6. Be proactive and take advantage of the SBA webinars;


​​​​​​​SBA 7a:           

  1. We are going to process as many current customers into the regular SBA 7a program as possible;
  2. We hope to get them more cash as we convert loans and lines of credit to the SBA guaranty program;
  3. Borrowers must qualify; we are pushing for current financials and information to apply asap;
  4. Last quarter financials and first two months of 2020 are going to be much better than 2nd quarter numbers;
  5. We do not want to delay and are gearing up for the process;

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” Molière